Captains Quarters Opens Only To Close Again

Feb 26, 2021Louisville News Update

Back in November of 2020 owners of Captain’s Quarters restaurant decided to temporarily close the doors, due to COVID-19 restrictions. It’s now been three months since the Captain’s Quarters have had dine-in guests but now d they are scheduled to open March 1st, 2021 however now with doors slated to open Monday, the local rain storm Sunday and rising river levels could cause another setback.

Paul Masterson said as the prediction looks now water is going to possibly get in the building on Thursday or so,”. Masterson is the co-owner of Captain’s Quarters said that “it’s most disheartening for our employees, they have been out of work for a long time,”.

Captains Quarters will move forward with reopening, there are concerns that flood waters could possibly later in the week lead to a day of closure.